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Portable Energy Storage High Power Mobile Emergency Supply

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Product description:

This product is an integrated energy storage power supply with a capacity of 330WH/90000mA. It is equipped with 1 AC socket+1 12V vehicle charging socket+2 Type-C interfaces+4 USB sockets+2 DC input ports, which can supply power to multiple devices at the same time, with powerful functions. This system has excellent compatibility and can be used for charging notebook, LCD TV, outdoor light, desktop computer, mobile phone and other household electronic products. The energy storage power supply is made of high-grade plastic waterproof shell, which has a very good feel. It is a very powerful outdoor product!

Product information:

Mechanical structure: energy storage power supply

Storage medium: lithium battery

Battery specification: 21700 cell

Number of batteries: 20

Input voltage/current: 16.8V/10A

Output voltage: 220V

Charging time: more than 6-8 hours (DC input)

Power: 330Wh or above

Applicable models: notebook, LCD TV, desktop computer, stereo, car refrigerator, mobile phone, digital, and other products with power below 300W



High-power and high-speed power supply: It has a 12V vehicle charging socket, an AC socket and four USB ports, and supplies power for one electric device and four mobile phones.

High-capacity battery: a single battery module with a capacity of 90000mah (330Wh) is equal to the power of 50 mobile phones.

Fast charging: This product is an integrated energy storage power supply, which can be plugged in and used at any time. You can also choose one or more solar charging panels with a single panel power of 40W for long-term outdoor use.

Safety and high quality: the circuit of this product has the design of input overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection and reverse connection protection, which improves the perfect safety guarantee for daily use.

High-quality battery cell: This product uses lithium battery from a first-class manufacturer as the battery cell, with stable performance and low heat output. There is no obvious change in performance within 300 times of charging and discharging.

High-grade and beautiful: This product is made of ABS industrial plastic, fashionable and atmospheric, with exquisite, smooth and comfortable feel.

Packing list:

1* Emergency power supply

Weight 4.00 kg
Dimensions 280 × 195 × 100 cm
Electrical outlet

300Wto330WH, 300Wto450WH


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