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Weight scale button lithium battery

$ 6

Type of battery : Lithium battery

Series: Lithium battery

Model: CR2032 Electronics (B product)

Standard voltage: 3 (v)

Rated capacity: 160mAh

Dimensions: 20.0X3.2 (mm)

Uses: Remote control

Standard capacity: 150-160

Material; lithium battery

Short circuit current: 150

Standard load current: 1

Specifications: CR2032 Electronics (Product B)

Battery specifications: 5 capsules / card 100 capsules / box 5000 capsules / piece

Minimum packaging: 5 capsules per card

Diameter: 20 (mm)

Height: 3.2 (mm)

Only: 5000 capsules

Chemical type: lithium manganese battery


1. Quality Description:

       This is a low-end 2032 electronic, only for the use of low-power products. If you use it yourself or need better quality, please contact customer service.

        This is a B product (second-class product) electronics, a small part of the battery will be insufficient or no electricity, the accepted pro can directly place an order, this paragraph will not be returned! Need good quality advice to buy other better batteries in this store!

2. Battery performance:

       CR2032 lithium manganese button battery rated voltage is 3V, using anti-leakage technology, with wear-resistant, high temperature resistant steel sheet, each battery has high single-cell voltage, stable discharge voltage, small self-discharge, high energy and wide application range. And the characteristics of good anti-leakage performance.

3. Main uses:

       Commonly used in car remote control, computer motherboard, electronic dictionary, millet TV remote control, ear thermometer, blood glucose meter, body fat tester, car tire pressure gauge, electronic scale, weight scale, perpetual calendar, toys, watches, attendance machines, drive Mosquito, electronic flash products, etc.

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 200 × 50 × 50 cm

CR2032 10pcs, Lithium battery, Universal battery pack of5


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