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Hotel Anti-sneak Shooting, Automatic Detection And Anti-eavesdropping Camera Signal Detector

$ 126

Product information:

Alarm mode: sound mode

Detection frequency band: 1-8000 (MHz)

Model: K68

Working range: 0.1-10 (m)

Working voltage: 5 (V)

Dimensions: 140*62*30 (mm)




Track terminator

Machine multi-detection to protect privacy

Highly sensitive chip

Increase the scope of exploration and broaden the frequency of exploration

Intelligent detection:

Automatically identify suspicious signals

Built-in memory mode

Suspicious signals accumulated five times

Automatic equipment alarm

Packing list:

1. Product packaging box

2. Detector

3. Infrared detector

4. USB charging cable

5. Headphones

6. Instructions


Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 40 cm



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