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Macbook Air Pro Battery Suitable For Laptop A1466 A1502 A1398 Computer Battery Replacement

$ 33$ 69

Product information:

Models: A1466, A1398, A1708, A1502

Battery capacity: 4300MAh-9400MAh

Applicable brand: Apple/ Apple

Battery capacity: 9400mAh

Style classification:

[Style 1] [Increase capacity 8000mAh]A1466, A1369, A1377, A1496-A1405

[Style 2] [Enlarged capacity 7000mAh]A1502-A1493/A1582

[Style 3] [Enlarged Capacity 9400mAh]A1398 [Late 2013 -2017] A1618/A1494

[Style 4] [Enlarged Capacity 8800mAh]A1398 [2012-early 2013] A1417

[Style 5] [Increase capacity 5100mAh]A1708, A2159, A2338, A2289-A1713

[Style 6] [No false label]A1534-A1705/A1527

[Style 7] [No false label]A1707-A1820

[Style 8] [No false label]A1706, A1981-A1819

[Style 9] [No false label]A1278 [2009-2012] A132

[Style 10] [Enlarged Capacity 5200mAh]A1370, A1465, A1495 [Years 11-14] A1406

[Style 11] [No false label]A1370 [2010] A1375

[Style 12] [No false label]A1286 [2009 – early 2010] A1321

[Style 13] [No false label]A1286 [Mid-2010 -2012] A1382

[Style 14] [no false label]A1932, A2179-A1965

[Style 15] [No false label]A1425-A1437

[Style 16] [no false label]A1990-A1953

[Style 17] [no false label]A1989, A2251-A1964

Packing list:

1* laptop battery

Product Image:

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 30 cm

Style1, Style10, Style11, Style12, Style13, Style14, Style15, Style16, Style17, Style2, Style3, Style4, Style5, Style6, Style7, Style8, Style9


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